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MONGold-plated, gemstone: Peridot (Green) 

Peridot is a green semi-precious mineral, a variety of olivine. The green colour of a Peridot ranges from pale green to bottle-green and dark green.Peridot was a very famous stone during ancient times. This stone is a substitute for Emerald. Peridots have magical and mystical properties associated with them.

It is a stone of lightness and beauty. 


  • Increase strength and vitality in people and reduces anxiety.
  • Calming effect on the wearer. 
  • This stone is related to happiness, love, and truth, it instills a sense of truthfulness in people and makes them think in a rational way.
  • Releases negativity and brings clarity in thoughts.

They are very popular stones having a lot of healing properties. You can use loose gemstones or get them studded into ring, pendant or bracelets. Whatever way you choose, Peridot will always look good on you and will suit any occasion.

Diameter: 6 cm