I Am Gaia Jewellery

I Am Gaia Jewellery is delicately designed and hand-crafted with quality and individuality in mind, each piece with a story to tell. 

 Created by Gaia Mather-Pike, jeweller and Gemmologist.

"I have lived a life of travel and since I can remember, collected jewellery and precious trinkets that remind me of a place and time that hold precious memories. The jewellery collections that I create are pieces inspired from each particular place I have been inspired by, bringing my love of travel and fine jewellery to you."
Gaia lived an extended period of time on the magical island of Bali. Here she was inspired by the traditional hand carvings in various materials that are synonymous with Balinese culture, art and architecture. She combined efforts with a select few skilled individuals to create hand-carved and handcrafted pieces, that bring you a special piece of Balinese culture and design. 
Her studio is based in Darwin, Australia.