Sati Creation

Sati Creation focuses on comfort, elegance and flow with their high-quality clothing. Based in Montreal, Designer and Artist Sophie Des Gagne designs the clothes, which are then handmade in Bali by local women in collaboration with Sati Creation.

Sophie’s clothes explore flattering feminine qualities by using natural fibers, allowing for free movement and flow. Her collections include yoga wear and everyday wear made from cotton, bamboo, modal, soft rayon, silk, and wool. All of her pieces are a combination of natural fibers and eco-friendly textiles. Sati, meaning pure feminine essence, is truly the epitome of each of her beautiful designs and aesthetic.

Sophie worked as a contemporary dancer and costume designer in Montreal for years. Through her travels in India and South East Asia, she arrived on the island of Bali where she chose to make her designs come to life. Her inspiration comes from the movement in her dance and what she finds in nature. Because of Sophie’s love of nature, she constantly aims for a conscious, earth-friendly brand built on sustainability. Her love of nature can be seen in the colors and patterns used in her designs.

Sati Creation is conscious of fair trade regulations and participates in ethical and cultural exchanges of services by donating an annual profit of sales to a Balinese women’s association. These donations help distribute food, water, clothes and money to women in need. In exchange for the women’s beautiful hand craftsmanship, Sati Creation is able to give back and in doing so, empower and support these local women. We love to support any company with such a beautiful mission of supporting others and making the world a better place!