Behind the scenes with YOGI TIMES' Founders

The YOGI TIMES Boutique is the natural extension of over 22 years of mindful relationships, long term commitments, and engagement with like-minded business owners. 

Our sister media company, YOGI TIMES, was born out of a vision to unify a community of people seeking a unique lifestyle and is entirely written for and by the community itself. 

In the YOGI TIMES Boutique, we choose designers who believe in providing a product that comes from their hearts. We are passionate and excited to expand our platform to include out of the box hand-selected yoga and lifestyle items to inspire each of you to achieve balance, feel nourished, and live happily, healthier lives. 

Whether you are practicing yoga in a studio, taking online yoga teacher training, choosing a streaming yoga platform, or practicing yoga at home, the importance of establishing a daily routine is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

In supporting that vision, an entire team of talented individuals comes together. They collectively share their knowledge, creativity, and inspiration to produce - YOGI TIMES - The Lifestyle Guide for the Modern Yogi, and, The Online University for the Modern Yogi.

"One of our deepest values in life is to

share what we have discovered with others." 

We are always open to new and creative ways to enhance our lifestyle and our community's lifestyles, and we love to hear from you. Please share with us your best find to

Our deepest wish for the YOGI TIMES Boutique is to give YOU, our community, access to the hunts and finds we consistently curate to enhance your lifestyle and bring an abundance of creativity, beauty, and joy into your lives.  


Sophie and Jess